About Us

Breakfast, Poboys, BBQ and Seafood

Tommy Mattonie’s Coastal Cafe specializes in Breakfast, Po-Boys, BBQ and Seafood. We also make great Floribbean Tacos, which are a hot new concept in “fast casual” dining. Located in Fort Walton Beach Florida, Tommy Mattonie’s specializes making the best breakfast in Fort Walton Beach, we also specialize in New Orleans style Po-Boy sandwiches, slow smoked barbeque and specialty tacos. The best chefs in the world will all tell you than in order to cook excellent food, you must start with great ingredients. At Tommy Mattonie’s, we are branding our reputation around this simple rule, start with the best. We will hand select only the finest ingredients and adhere to tested recipes to bring you the great Po-Boys and Barbeque that you have learned to love. Our sandwiches will utilize Boar’s Head meats and New Orleans best bakeries will provide our bread.

Most of our sauces will be home made. Don’t come to Tommy Mattonie’s expecting to get store bought potato salad, slaw or other side orders. Our fries are cut to order and we also make a southern treat you seldom see on the menu anymore, southern style deviled eggs. Now tell me, who doesn’t like deviled eggs. Sure many other establishments can sell you a cheaper lunch or dinner, but is it something that really excites your taste buds. At Tommy Mattonie’s, our goal is for every bite you take to bring a smile to your face. We want you experience that great homemade taste that many people just don’t know how to achieve cooking for them self.

We have centered our menu around a pirate theme. While pirates and sailors around the world have notorious reputations, everyone also knows that pirates ate really well. They had all the money and managed many of the bars and restaurants along the coast and also loved to entertain the ladies. When looking at our menu, you decide which pirate you want to be today. Our specialty of the house is the Billy Bowlegs Roast Beef Po-Boy. A delicious pile of sliced roast beef smothered in brown gravy and debris. This sandwich is intended to be messy and we stock bids so you don’t ruin your shirt and tie while eating a business lunch but if you happen to get anything on your shirt just pick yourself up a fresh clean Tommy Mattonie’s T-shirt. Of course, no Po-Boy shop would leave off a delicious shrimp or oyster Po-Boy or you can combine them if you like. We are fortunate to come from an area of the world that has the best bay shrimp imaginable, and we will always serve those when they are running and who can turn down the fine Apalachicola oysters that grow nearby.

For you heartier appetites we have the Blackbeard Steak Po-Boy served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. You heard right, a steak and potato Po-Boy. We also serve Henry Morgan meatballs, served with a San Marzano tomato sauce that will make you think that we have an Italian Grandmother slaving over the stove. This same sauce will go on one of the best tasting chicken parmesan and meat ball Po-Boys you have ever tried. We really are not trying to brag, but our sandwiches are great. In fact, if you are ever unhappy with your meal at Tommy Mattonie’s please let us know. We will make it right!

In addition to our great selection of Po-Boy sandwiches, we have a smokehouse out back where we prepare some really good barbeque, which we slow smoke over pecan wood. Pecan adds a nice mellow touch that doesn’t leave your meat with a harsh smoky taste like mesquite, oak and even some hickory. We will feature Carolina style Pulled Pork, Texas style Brisket, and Memphis style ribs. Our chicken is Tommy Mattonie’s specialty and has been judged near perfect by certified Kansas City Barbeque Society judges. We dare you to drive slowly past Tommy Mattonie’s when the wind is blowing from the Southeast. The smell is Devine and will make you want to stop.

Now, we know you have been waiting to get to this part of the menu. What in the world is a Floribbean Taco? Typical features of Floribbean cuisine include:

  • An emphasis on extremely fresh ingredients
  • Complex medleys of spices, especially powerful flavors that are softened by milder ones
  • An emphasis on seafood and poultry
  • Generous use of fresh fruit and juices, especially citrus and sweet tropical fruits
  • Special care in presentation, especially when seeking a more natural effect rather than an ostentatious one

Floribbean cooking often uses less heat than the Caribbean dishes that inspire it, but there is extensive use of several peppers. This spiciness, however, is almost always moderated by more gentle flavorings such as mango, papaya, rum, almond, coconut, key lime, or honey. We will continue to experiment with unique flavor combinations to tickle your taste buds. Finally, for dessert, we offer our unique, Key Lime Coconut Crepe. Your classic key lime pie filling served in a dessert crepe and smothered with whipped cream and chocolate wafer cookie crumble on top. Now the hardest part of all is what are you having? Please join us soon for a great dining experience at a price that will not break the bank.